Spare Parts and Upgrades

Specialized in Networking and Server solutions, we maintain an extensive inventory of high-quality new and post warranty networking and server systems and parts including: routers, servers, switches, hard drives, memory, cables, power supplies, CPU’s and Optical Networking components.

With a worldwide logistics network in place, LayerCore Networks is your ultimate partner for high quality spare parts provision. Partnering with LayerCore Networks gives you a single point of contact for all your global spare parts requirements.

Extend and maintain the lifecycle of your networking and server hardware by ordering high-quality IT parts with LayerCore Networks and keep using IT hardware as long as it continues to meet your business data needs.

Key benefits:
– Fast worldwide delivery
– Reduced downtime for maintenance
– Reduction of spare part inventories
– High equipment performance
– Extend the lifecycle of your IT infrastructure

In case your organization is looking for an end-to-end solution, we complement our extensive portfolio of server and networking parts with additional world-class Multi-Vendor services and support options to optimize your IT investments.