Optimizing IT OpEx

When Data Center and Enterprise hardware reaches manufacturer End-of-Life and Support, your OEM will advise immediate replacement of your network and server infrastructure, even if your infrastructure continues to function perfectly.

LayerCore Networks offers your business a far more cost effective solution: a MultiCare third-party maintenance agreement that supports post warranty and End-of Support equipment, thereby extending its lifecycle as long as it fits your business needs.

By using MultiCare from LayerCore Networks, customers have realized savings of up to 60% on the OEM equivalent service, helping to boost both the return on hardware investment, and lower their OpEX.
Our Multi-Vendor services allow you to keep using equipment for as long as it continues to meet your business data needs, allowing you to divert cash funds to other strategic IT projects.

LayerCore Networks multi-vendor services reduces management complexity of your server, networking and storage environment and consolidates all your multi-vendor contracts into a single point of contact.