Data Center Relocation
and Migration

LayerCore Networks is your premier partner for Mission Critical Equipment Movement.

LayerCore Networks personnel has years of experience in planning and executing data center relocations. Extensive government and commercial information technology background coupled with a large experienced staff, provides our customers with the right resources to plan and execute your move.

Applying the framework gathered during the assessment phase, we will design a detailed project plan to relocate your data center, which will minimize impact on your IT operations and deliver at the performance level your customers and employees expect; before, during and after the move.

LayerCore Networks provides a multitude of services including:
– IT and Data Relocation Solutions
– Global Representation in 146 Countries
– Project Management
– Logistical Analysis
– De-install/Install of Complex IT Assets
– Vendor Management
– Inventory Management
– Recycling Options
– Climate and Standard Transportation
– Degaussing
– Destination services
– Valuation coverage

Flexible, Scalable, Cost-effective
Our flexible and scalable Data Center Relocation and Migrations services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and demands, enabling you to strategically leverage only what is needed to fill your expertise and resource gaps. This flexibility will significantly reduce your IT asset and data-center moving costs compared to “all or none” packaged services. We give you the control to strategically balance your company needs and requirements.

In addition to our Data Center Relocation and Migration services, we complement our solutions with additional Network Asset Recovery and Multi-Vendor Maintenance services to optimize your IT investments.