Data Destruction and Erasure

LayerCore Networks provides an end-to-end solution for secure data destruction and erasure which includes software, hardware and verification services. Our solution is built on LayerCore Networks expertise in data recovery and data erasure, combined with the market leading software solutions from Blancco.

Data Destruction Services
LayerCore Networks offer a single-source solution for decommissioning, data destruction and logistics. We provide 100% on-site data destruction services and eliminate the risk of a data breach that could arise during transport from your location by bringing our mobile shredder to your organization.

Data Erasure Services
LayerCore Networks offers 100% data sanitization of your servers,Data Center equipment, enclosures and other large storage units with Blancco 5. Most applications only erase the index but with Blancco 5 all traces of information are overwritten, making data reconstruction impossible.

Blancco solutions, offered by LayerCore Networks are proven as highly effective by a wide range of national and international third-party approvals, certifications and recommendations – the most in the industry.

All our data erasure and destruction services are backed by a Certificate of Data Erasure & Destruction providing client liability protection and certification of full data erasure or destruction.

Data Destruction and Erasure Benefits;
Erasure: auditable reporting and cost-effective solution.
Security: on-site HDD shredding services to avoid a data breach.
Certificate: protecting your company’s privacy, liability and regulatory compliancy.
Asset value: maximize the value by re-use and remarketing of your IT assets.

We’re ready to support your company’s unique data security needs!