High-performance Memory

FiberForce is your premier partner for delivering superior quality-compatible memory solutions.

We provide Data Centers and Enterprises with a real cost-effective alternative to vendor branded Server and Network memory by delivering compatible hardware of the same high standards, but selling them at a competitive pricing level. Our high-performance memory Solutions make it possible to optimize your infrastructure, reduce costs without sacrificing on quality, reliability or availability.

FiberForce offers 100% compatible memory solutions for a wide variety of manufactures including:

Cisco UCS Server Memory
Dell Server Memory
HP Server Memory
IBM Server Memory
Sun Server Memory
Oracle Server Memory
Lenovo Server Memory

Cost effective
FiberForce offers a solid alternative to high-cost server memory. Many market leading organizations throughout the world choose FiberForce to save up to 70% on OEM memory prices. With our comprehensive product range you too can save significantly on your next memory upgrade purchase for compatible Cisco UCS Dell, HP, IBM, Sun, Oracle and Lenovo Server Memory. Or, to even further maximize your savings, buy new or re-certified servers with the factory minimum memory configuration and fill all remaining slots with cost-effective FiberForce memory.

FiberForce enables organizations to maximize their server investments and optimizes the performance of server infrastructures by extending the lifecycle of (legacy) servers with cost effective, high-performance memory upgrades.

To ensure maximum quality, FiberForce selects and offers the most reliable, highest-performing
Optical Memory Solutions on the market and our lifetime warranty reflects our confidence in our superior memory products.

FiberForce provides high-performance memory solutions to enable our customers to maximize their memory performance and reliablity at the lowest possible cost, establishing a competitive alternative to high-cost memory.