Optical Network Solutions

FiberForce is a premier partner for high-performance Optical Network Solutions.

We provide Data Centers and Enterprises with a real cost-effective alternative to vendor branded optical transceivers by delivering compatible products of the same high standards, but selling them at a competitive pricing level. Our superior Optical Network Solutions make it possible to optimize your infrastructure, reduce costs without sacrificing on quality, reliability or availability.

FiberForce is a smarter choice and our customers choose us with confidence as a trusted partner.

FiberForce offers a comprehensive range of optical and copper transceivers to fit your network requirements. All transceivers are industry standards-based and comply with the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA). Transceivers range from 100BASE-FX to 100Gb and cover optical and copper transceivers such as GBIC, SFP, Xenpak, X2, XFP, SFP+ and QSFP.

Our optical network solutions are 100% compatible with over 20 industry-leading manufactures.

Cost effective
With savings of 70% – 90% compared to OEM list prices, FiberForce offers a solid alternative to overpriced vendor branded optics.

By obtaining superior Optical Network Solutions from FiberForce, you can save 70% or more compared to the equivalent OEM modules – reducing costs while increasing reliability and performance.

Life-time Warranty
To ensure maximum quality, FiberForce selects and offers the most reliable, highest-performing
Optical Network Solutions on the market and our lifetime warranty reflects our confidence in our superior Optical Network products.